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Q: How do I register for the service?

A: You can download the registration form here and send it to us at Our Customer Service Officers will contact you once your account is activated.

Q: When will I get my laundry back?
A: You can generally expect your laundry to be cleaned and returned to you within 72 hours. The estimated delivery date will be stated on the ATM when you key in your order.

‍‍‍Step 1: Deposit

Place your laundry into Systematic ATM.

Step 2: Cleaning

We collect and clean your laundry.

Step 3: Delivery

We deliver right to your doorstep.

Clean laundry

Voila! Your laundry is back to its pristine condition.

How to use:


How much does it cost?

Systematic ATM is a revolutionary extension of our current laundry services since 1979 and has been awarded the Productivity Champion for Retail Laundry at the Texcare Forum Singapore 2016. Conveniently located, our ATMs are backed by 35 years of trusted retail laundry experience. Get your clean laundry back in just 3 days!

Clean laundry in just 3 easy steps:

‍‍‍For enquiries, please call 98632330.

Or email us at:‍‍‍

Q: Will I be able to request for express service?

A: Express service is not available at this time. We will inform all registered users once the service is available.

Q: What is the collection schedule for my ATM location?

A: Collection of the laundry deposited into the ATM is between 12pm-5pm.

Q: Can I request for delivery to only be during a specific time?

A: The estimated delivery timings are standardized for each site. Special arrangements can be made for specific delivery times at a separate charge.

Q: What if I left personal items in my clothes’ pockets etc?

A: Our Customer Service Officer will check through the laundry items once they reach our plant before they are processed for cleaning. You can also call our Customer Service hotline to report any such incidences.

Q: What are the payment methods and when do I have to make payment?

A: The current payment mode is by cash only and the payment is made upon the return of your cleaned laundry.

Q: How much would it cost to get my laundry cleaned?

A: You can refer to our general pricelist here.

Q: What if I’m not home when you deliver my laundry? Will you just leave it outside?

A: Our Customer Service Officers will contact you to confirm the  delivery date/time once your laundry has been cleaned. Should the delivery be unsuccessful, we will arrange with you for another delivery- an additional delivery charge will then be levied.

Q: Is there a minimum order? Can I send just 1 item in for cleaning?

A: There is no minimum order during this promotional period. A minimum order is required in future and we will notify all registered users once it takes effect.

Q: What if my laundry is returned but damaged or if some items have gone missing?

A: Your laundry items undergo a rigorous check process before and after cleaning at our plant, and any damages to your laundry items or discrepancies in your order are clarified with you over phone at the earliest opportunity. If you have observed any damages when we have returned the laundry to you, you can either report them to our Delivery Officer or to our Customer Service Officer through our hotline. All compensation guidelines are stipulated within our Terms and Conditions here.

Q: Will ALL stains be removed?

A: Our Customer Service Officers will contact you should they discover any stains that cannot be cleaned before processing them through our plant.

Q: Will I be charged differently per entry to your ATM?

A: As classifications may differ between some articles, there may be a need to adjust the category and/or pricing when we check thorough your laundry items. Our Customer Service Officers will contact you before processing your order or revising the invoice.

Q: What is the maximum liability for using the service?

A: Value of each piece submitted shall be capped at no more than S$100. For undeclared items, a maximum of ten (10) times processing fee shall apply in any case of compensation. Articles that cost more than the stated value can be submitted though the system, with a note indicated and our Customer Service Officers will get in touch with you regarding the revised pricing.

Q: What if I can't find the category for my laundry from the list given?

A: Please call our Customer Service Officers at 98632330 for more information.

Q: What do you do with my contact information?

A: We treat your information with the strictest confidence. For more information, please read our PDPA policy here.

What happens to your laundry:

At Systematic, we invest in the latest cleaning technologies and processes to ensure that your laundry will always enjoy the best quality care. Our plants are well-equipped to handle different types of materials; including dry-cleaning, spot stains removal and professional finishing. Check out our video below for more info!

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